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rug color Based on the Furniture

How to Choose the Color of the Carpet Based on the Furniture

How to understand if a carpet is perfect for home furnishings, and therefore in harmony with the environment?

In this short article we will see some of the basic rules that if followed carefully will ensure a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere in the home. Let’s check how to choose the best color of rug for dining room, bedroom, living room or sofa?

The Carpet and the Environment

It used to be customary to put light rugs on dark floors and vice versa. This solution, which gave immediate prominence to the carpet, guaranteed an effect of sure impact.

Today, tastes and trends in furniture have changed: now the carpet must enhance the harmony and beauty of the environment. You can therefore also put a light carpet on a light floor for example. In this way, the carpet is gradually appreciated as you observe it.

The carpets worked with the use of vegetable dyes enhance this effect: the refined and delicate colors combine pleasantly with the tones of the environment and the final effect is that of a well-proportioned and delightful space. The sophisticated and brilliant colors obtained from vegetable dyes are a precious and poetic reference to the beauty of the colors and shapes of nature.

However, it is good to remember that these are generic suggestions and not necessarily always valid: each case, each carpet and each environment are unique and the combination possibilities can vary.

The combinations

In general it is used to combine the color of the carpet with some elements of furniture already present in the house, in order to create a pleasant reference to the details of the sofa, chairs, paintings, and more. You can play not only with references, but also with contrasts: the most important thing is that the final result unites divided environments and creates harmony.

Let’s see some examples of combinations that work and others that should be avoided.

Among the combinations that are more harmonious and balanced:

An antique rug can be combined with a contemporary setting (and vice versa, a contemporary rug with an environment with classic and antique references) as long as the contrast is able to enrich both elements.

In the same way, in a rustic setting we can insert an old Persian carpet without any problems of discord.

However, particular attention requires the rustic environment:

In fact, you cannot combine a contemporary rug with a rustic setting and it is equally clumsy to insert a coarse old rug in a sophisticated elegant modern and contemporary furniture. In these cases the contrast would be out of tune.

Harmony of Colors with Modern Carpets

Furnishing with modern and contemporary rugs from the Morandi Tappeti collections can mean playing with colors in search of new chromatic harmonies that reflect the character and personality of the house and of those who live there.

The Gray Bhadhoi

Let’s move on to a practical example immediately and let’s consider the gray color: a color that appears simple and easy to use, but not when we consider the many shades it offers, from anthracite to almost white, from beige to violet, up to light blue. Without a doubt it gives simplicity and elegance to the environment. But be careful: a gray carpet tending to beige gives more warmth to the environment, while a gray-blue carpet tends to make our environment more elegant by cooling the atmosphere. In the Pietrasanta gallery you will find this original gray Badohi carpet, not a simple mosaic effect but a complex interweaving of materials that plays with lights and shadows to create an atmosphere of complete relaxation.

The modern Bhadohi rugs are recognized for their soft colors and the ramages that reflect the designs of Damascus brocades, have a complex soul and a strong personality; the knot is of the Persian type and the fleece is low-shaved, the silk parts are discreetly played and stand out for their elegance. The carpet in the photo has clear shades of gray and blue and for this reason it is ideal for environments that need to turn more to cold and restful atmospheres.

The Red Reloaded

The Reloaded modern carpets are pieces regenerated, bleached and dyed who want to create a new magic inspired by tradition. The fleece of the rugs is shaved, sometimes hinting at the original motif, or discovering the structure of the wefts. The combination of the very lively reds of the carpets in the photograph is apt, a Patchwok Reloaded perfectly harmonious in the tonal gradation. The carpet is in the Castelvetro gallery, ready to give a touch of life and creativity to modern and bright living rooms and large spaces, ideal environments where to capture everyone’s attention.

If You Still Have Doubts:

Knowing how to position a carpet well in your environment, even if you choose a piece worked with precious and valuable wools, is not always easy; the risk of contaminating its harmony and cracking its beauty is high.

This is why we recommend that you ask an expert for advice and let yourself be guided and explain how to insert the most suitable carpet, taking into account your preferences, style, proportions and colors.

In our store you will find the opportunity to receive furnishing advice and also the opportunity to try the most beautiful and refined rugs directly at home and get advice from a person in charge, expert in the sector.

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